About Us

Tanwood Property Partners is owned and run by Tracey Woods and her husband Nigel.

With over 12 years of investment experience in Buy to Let property Tracey and Nigel are  continuing to grow their own portfolio with Stevenage and help investors who do not have the knowledge or time to achieve fantastic returns from Buy to Let investments too.


TraceyI am the main face of Tanwood Property Partners, working with investors to help them achieve the best from room rentals in my area. I have worked in computer software for over 15 years but have always had an interest in property, having fallen into the Buy to Let market when I decided to rent out my own property as Nigel and I moved in together back in 2000.

We continued to grow our portfolio over the next few years until we had used up all of our spare cash when we came to a halt. After reading the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki I decided that our property investment journey should be kick started again as this was the only way that we could have any chance of financial freedom.

I have, and continue to invest in my education to ensure that I can buy with the knowledge and expertise ensuring wise and profitable investments for myself and the joint venture partners I now work with. I am also spending time in growing myself as a person with the aim to mentor and help others achieve their dreams in life.

I now run the Progressive Property Network event in Hatfield, every 2nd Tuesday of each month, where I am able to share my knowledge and help other property people on their own property investing jouney.

You can find more information on me on my About.me profile

About Me



nigelI run my own business in providing energy saving solutions for large blue chip organisations, SavEnergi. I am supporting Tracey to grow our Tanwood business and brand within the Buy to Let investment arena. I am passionate about giving others the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge, skills and mindset that Tracey and I now have.