HMO Refurbishment Project Complete

Well the team at Tanwood Property Partners have had a busy seven weeks working on a customer refurbishment project to convert a standard three bedroom property into a five en-suite roomed HMO.

Part one of the Project – Before work starts

With a project which will need four new bathrooms lots of planning and liaising with local planning officers where required. After several versions of the plan the final was agreed and work started with stripping out the old.

After a couple of weeks we began to see new bathrooms taking shape with stud work in place and decorating etc shaping the rooms into the professional lets they were to become

Part 2 – In the middle of the work

After several weeks of hard work from builders, decorators, plumbers, electricians and carpenters the house is finished. Below are some of the images taken of the rooms furnished and ready to let.


If you want to know more about how Tracey and her team can help you achieve these results in your HMO contact her on 07891 379716

Tanwood – YOUR Property Partner, helping you get the most out of HMOs

2013 – My plans for Success

Well 2012 came to an end and what a year it has been for me at Tanwood Property Partners. My company is formed, my strategy is defined and my goals and focus for 2013 are now clear.

I ended the year on a real high when I completed the Unlimited Success Speaker Intensive training – this really confirmed my passion for speaking and has given me the tools to go out there and get some speaker dates booked in for 2013.

My life is now filled with positivity and inspiration from all the people I have the pleasure of becoming friends with in 2012. I am confident that as my knowledge continues to grow, my contacts increase and more and more people see the potential in Property Investments in Stevenage this is going to be the best year yet for me and Tanwood Property Partners.

Here’s to a successful year for you all.

Overcoming Fears

I am focussing a lot of time, money and effort into improving me as a person along side of my property career building as I believe strongly that the two go hand in hand. As Johnnie Cass is always reminding us ‘positive thoughts = positive actions’ so with that in mind and my daughter, Michelle, taking my positivity to another level we booked onto the Ariel Extreme high ropes course in Milton Keynes yesterday so that I could take my first step in overcoming my fear of heights.

We turned up on a very dull, wet and freezing morning at Willen Lakes to sign in for our 10.30am session. I stood looking at the course from the ground and uttered the words ‘oh that doesn’t look too high up. I’m sure I will be fine’. Famous last words!

Once I was trussed up like a turkey in the harness gear the nerves began to really set it….. up the staircase in the tower to the first level which was about 25 feet off the ground. Michelle, as she has been on this course a couple of times before said ‘I’ll go first and show you what to do’ so off she went out onto the first point and across the rope wall like Tarzan’s Jane…… all of the time my mind is being positive and that little voice working overtime…. ‘I can do this, I can do this’. As Michelle stopped to watch me I took my first step off of the platform onto the rope wall. Legs shaking madly I focussed and managed to get across with not too much problem. The next obstacle was a climbing wall to go across. This proved to be a little more tricky and the little voice started on the negative of – ‘oh gosh, I have no idea where to to put my feet and I really don’t feel safe up here!’. With the support of Michelle (who was brilliant at encouraging me the whole way around) I did manage to get across it and hugged the post once on the safety platform to recompose myself before moving on. Well that course has lots of to offer and I did find the ones that moved the hardest of all but I am proud to say I did it and managed to get to the end of the course in one piece. I still can’t tell you how I managed to get down the staircase in the tower as my legs were like jelly, my hands ached from gripping on so hard and my heart was pumping but I did it.

One thing is clear to me now – Fear is all in the mind…. overcome your thoughts and the positive actions will follow. So if anyone out there is feeling like fears are holding them back I hope this helps you to overcome them and realise you too can reap the positive actions once the positive thoughts are flowing.

Tracey Ann Woods – Why Property Investing?

Lots of people out there are cringing at the low or lack of interest they are getting on their cash right now from the banks and saving schemes……

I am helping lots of people to get a far higher rate of interest on their money by investing in our multi-let room properties in Stevenage.

Stevenage is, like many areas, short of housing and this shortage is providing a healthy opportunity for the rental market. Tanwood Property Partners are purchasing standard 3-4 bedroom property and converting it into room rentals which provide a high, modern standard of living to the professional rental market.

Opportunities are always knocking at our door and if you would like to know more about what we do and what returns we can give you contact us by clicking here.